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Upper Extremity

Learn more about some of the upper extremity prosthetic technology available through MPI.

Ottobock DynamicArm Elbow: Giving users the power and speed to get things done, it incorporates a powerful electric motor to help both flex and extend the elbow – while lifting up to 11 lbs. The DynamicArm is controlled entirely by myoelectric signals. In addition to hand and rotation of wrist joint, elbow joint flexion can also be controlled by muscle signals. These special technology features are integrated in an elbow joint-forearm system with a natural, anatomic design. The shape and basic color blend in with the overall image of the human body. Click Here for More Information.

Motion Control ETD: The Motion Control ETD (Electric Terminal Device) measures up to the most demanding wearers. Rugged, functional, and water resistant, it is the preferred choice of hundreds of users. The standard ETD can be used with the Utah Arm or ProControl system and is available with multi-flex Flexion Wrist or the ultra fast MC Wrist Rotator. The ETD ProHand option features a controller inside the terminal device to interchange with other manufacturers’ systems. Click Here for More Information.

Motion Control ETD2: The ETD2 sets a new standard in compact aesthetic design, while maintaining the rugged functionality of the earlier product. ETD2’s form-follows-function approach provides greater security in many gripping modes, with its sculpted gripping pads for large cylindrical mugs, a broom handle or shovel, or flat surfaces for papers. The soft push tab on the peak of the fingers provides a soft, controlled interface for everyday tasks like pushing elevator buttons. The on-board ProPlus microprocessor allows interchange between nearly all terminal devices, including the practical Motion Control Hand, as well as other brands like i-limb® or bebionic® multi-articulating hands. The smart controller communicates by Bluetooth®, for easy changes by prosthetist and wearers, and patented AutoCal adjustment with a fingertip touch on an iPhone. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock SensorHand Speed: Featuring the automatic Auto-Grasp SUVA sensor technology, the FlexiGrip function, an integrated slip clutch allows the hand to be opened in case of power supply or myoelectric control failure. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock bebionic: This hand features individual motors in each finger, which allows the user to move the hand and grip in a natural coordinated way. Powerful microprocessors continuously monitor the position of each finger for precise, reliable control over hand movements. The hand has 14 selectable grip patterns, proportional speed control, and auto grip sensor. The wireless programmer and bebalance custom software allows the hand’s performance and control options to be fully customized. Click Here for More Information.

Fillauer Taska Hand: Allowing five-finger movement, wrist flexibility, and complete control of movement, the TASKAHand can support up to 44 lbs., it’s waterproof, and can perform even the gentlest of tasks such as lifting an egg out of a carton. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock Michelangelo®: This hand has seven functional options, including a moveable thumb, allowing the user to pick up objects sideways, grip flat items from the side, carry cylindrical objects with a large diameter, and hold small objects securely using the thumb, middle finger, and index finger to form a three-point support. A neutral mode allows for resting the hand in a natural position. Click Here for More Information.

Ossur i-limb™ quantum: Incorporating Touch Bionics’ patented i-mo™ technology, i-limb™ quantum is the only upper extremity prosthesis that can change grips with a simple gesture. Gesture control enables an automated grip to be accessed by moving the i-limb quantum in one of four directions. The quantum’s act as fully functioning hands. They respond to commands faster, are lightweight, and their anatomical styling in three sizes fits female amputees. Finger flexibility and grip options allow for typing, picking up small objects, holding delicate items, and much more. Click Here for More Information.

Ossur i-digits™ quantum: With redesigned componentry and digits, the prosthesis for partial hand amputees from Touch Bionics is smarter, faster, stronger, and smaller than its predecessors. Wearers can quickly utilize the many grips available through the activation of gesture control, which allows the user to quickly access many grips in performing everyday tasks. The new design is not only slimmer, but also lighter, allowing users to easily wear their prosthesis all day. Click Here for More Information.

Texas Assistive Devices (TAD): Specializing in work-related and activities-of-daily-living componentry for upper extremity amputees and for those with hand dysfunction, TAD has a solution to aid users in performing a wide variety of everyday tasks, from kitchen utensils to gardening tools and products for sport and leisure activities. Click Here for More Information.

MCPDriver™: A prosthesis from Naked Prosthetics, this devise restores strength and articulation for those who have suffered an amputation closer to the hand. Click Here for More Information.

PIP Driver: Designed for individuals who have an amputation through the middle or distal phalanx, the PIP Driver from Naked Prosthetics is custom-designed to fit comfortably and suit daily needs. Click Here for More Information.

TRS: Specialized terminal devices and other products to enlarge the functional envelope for body-powered prosthesis users. TRS focuses mainly on sports and recreational devices. Click Here for More Information.