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Custom Laminations

MPI patients who want to stand out from the crowd have even more options to choose from when they get a new prosthesis. We have always taken pride in being able to custom fabricate every prosthesis we provide, in-house.

Now we have perfected custom laminations. Our technicians can laminate your prosthesis to match the color of your limb or customize it with your favorite sports team, hobby theme, cartoon character, a variety of camouflage or almost any other design you request or provide to us – your favorite material, T-shirt, bandana, scarf or patch. Popular with our pediatric patients are designs that feature animated movie characters or bright colors. Men seem to favor the American flag, Armed Services insignias, camo, and action sports such as NASCAR, football, or motorcycles.

Whatever your choice, socket laminations let you make a statement or simply have fun.

If you are interested in personalizing your new upper or lower limb prosthesis, at no cost to you, contact your MPI practitioner.

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